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stay or go?
Lead a team to design and develop a meal comparison app to assist users in deciding on the most conveniently priced and available food option for themselves.
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Project Manager: Wengel Gemu
React Developers: Keziah Camille, Josh Stukenborg
UX Designer/Scrum: Talia Bahar

project background
Stay or Go is a meal comparison app that helps people decide between eating out or preparing food at home.

By utilizing the Spoonacular API, our web app presents users with nutritional information related to their food entry. Other variables to consider such as restaurant distance and food price are also available to guide the users decision.

the problem

People are busy and indecisive, our solution with this app is to guide users to the decision that will best maximize their time and save their money. People with tight schedules and/or more financially conscious people would find our product most beneficial. 
The app would compare the convenience (in terms of time) and cost of an inputted meal to help users decide whether they should eat at home and cook or go out and eat at a restaurant. Upon selection depending on the choice, they may be presented with more detailed information such as location of a restaurant or recipe if at home.

user flow & wireframing

user flow
designed wireframes using Adobe XD