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blm resources
Lead a team to design and develop a centralized resource in order to facilitate learning and action amid the movement for Black lives
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Project Manager/Designer: Wengel Gemu
UX Designer: Adeola Kukoyi
React Developers: Joshua Curry, Emmanuel Ola, Stanley Young
project background
BLM Resources is a site made for those looking to educate themselves on the state of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Our project goal was to clarify and centralize the influx of information while making the content easy to navigate.

the problem

The current state of racial tension in America has fueled a massive influx of information about the Black Lives Matter movement.
A number of these essential resources about the nationwide protests and conversations about race have been shared amongst people in the form of Google Docs master lists and social media graphics. While useful, audiences may struggle to navigate and properly credit this information spread throughout the web.
note 1
When resources are so sporadically shared on social media, they are often never seen again. Those looking to educate themselves on a particular topic may struggle in immediately relocating content.
note 2
Users who are older and may not be active participants of social media may find themselves completely cut out of the frequent updates and essential resources shared among youth.

User Research

We conducted user interviews to develop a better understanding of our audience and their concerns. Our survey collected responses to inquires about the audiences information sourcing process,  methods of documentation, and any challenges they may face. access the full survey here
sample user responses to our survey prompts
many of our participants echoed similar thoughts, which we targeted as concerns regarding:
Credibility of sources
Users worry about potential misinformation and bias in the content being distributed.
lack of protest details
People struggle to find a constant flow of information regarding protests. Locating resources for local protests is difficult.
uncentralized information
It is difficult to keep categorize and keep inventory of the information being presented. 

user flow & wireframing

designed high level wireframes using Figma

app overview

streaming page; embedded spotify podcasts
protest information page
contact page
history page; featuring fun facts updated daily


🎉 Won best overall Project Award
🎉 Won Best Problem Statement Award
Was featured project on the URx internHacks webpage